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Works in Progress

Capstone Project


My capstone project is centered around air pollution, specifically particle pollution from wood burning fire places. The goal for our group's project is to create a solution that does not necessary involve banning wood burning chimneys, rather finding a way to prevent the pollution from affecting the environment and contributing to the climate crisis.


For this project we have found a mentor from the UCLA staff. His name is Pablo Saide and he is an assistant professor for the physical sciences college with specifics in atmosphere and oceanic sciences. His understanding in air quality and the atmosphere will be extremely helpful in our pursuit to cleanse the air from the particle pollutants produced from wood smoke.

Prototype Design Documentation:

Below I have a sketch of our prototype and the different parts to it, a laid out vector works design of our products, as well as a table showing our cost analysis for this prototype.

Vector Works Prototype Design
Cost Analysis
Prototype Sketch

Current place in this project:

This week has been significant to our capstone project as we have finalized the materials necessary to construct our prototype.​ On our research document there is a materials bill that goes into depth on the cost and use of each material we are going to purchase. This week, we have also decided on how to build our filtration system. We are modifying two existing filters and putting them together, connected through a wire frame to make sure no excess smoke can escape the filter.

Elevator Pitch:

Below is a link to a video of explaining our justification, problem statement, and solution.

Cover Page:

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 5.54.35 PM.png
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