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Alana Ginter

Information about me

My name is Alana Ginter and this is my sixth year in the Project Lead the Way program. I am currently 16 years old and a senior at Santa Monica High School. I am very passionate about engineering, specifically mechanical engineering.

My goals for this capstone are to prepare for focusing on engineering in college. Through the coming projects this year, I want to make sure that engineering is really what I want to do with my life. I want to spend this year doing all things engineering and put to use the skills I have acquired over the years into real projects. I hope that despite all the drawbacks that come with online learning, our class can still safely participate in future large scale projects and get some real life engineering experience.

I have always been interested in engineering, because engineering really just is designing, building, and problem solving. A lifestyle centered around those three principles is very appealing to me. I also have heard the quote "[An engineer is] one who gets excited over things no one else cares about", and throughout this program I have found that this rings true for me. Even some of the more basic principles I have found engrossing and intriguing. In terms of a specific type of engineering, I have found mechanical engineering to be the most enthralling.




24  /  08  /  2020

First day of school and start of the class of 2021 4th year in PLTW


28  /  08  /  2020

Elections for class of 2021 positions took place


02  /  09  /  2020

Date this website went live!
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