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Completed Projects

Bridge Project

For this project I was given the freedom to write a 70 page anthology about any subject and create a product that goes with my topic. The topic I chose was how the development of technology has both benefited and destroyed society and the product I created was 4 different bridges representative of different stages of human technology from a tree bridge to a rope bridge to da Vinci's revolving bridge to my own personal design of a bridge with sensors. Below are the models of the da Vinci bridge and a video of my bridge model.


Ethics in Engineering

For this unit our PLTW class took a look into the ways ethics play a role in engineering. We looked at different case studies of structural disasters, or other engineering mishaps and we dug into how ethics played a role in these horrific engineering failures. Below is my presentation on the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Capstone Research Project- Chimney Smoke

The image on the right is a photo of our final prototype for our Capstone research project. This prototype is a makeshift wood burning chimney, with costume designed filter sheet and an exhaust fan. The filter sheets serve, to filter out all the negative pollutants in woodsmoke that may harm the environment or affects people's health issues. The exhaust fan serves to ensure that the smoke goes all the way up and out of the chimney, resulting in absolute no backdraft.


The two link below will take to you a PDF of our final poster and presentation

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